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The International Directory of Researchers in Map History

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An open source for contact information, current interests, research projects, and publications related to map history

The Directory currently contains 129 profiles of people and their interests in map history.

Purpose of the Directory

The Directory seeks

  • to promote communication among the broad and diverse array of all researchers who study the history of maps in all its aspects; and
  • to provide information about the field to the broader public.

To make this Directory comprehensive and so useful for the map history community and the public, we urge all map historians to add the following to your profile, that only you can edit:

  • contact details;
  • general information about your work in map history;
  • information about your interests in map history, specific research projects, and other relevant activities; and
  • a list of your publications relating to map history.

You may also contribute to a communally maintained, classified Bibliography. A classified bibliography presents the literature ~ both printed and online ~ grouped by topic. It is selective and seeks to guide new and experienced students alike through the extensive scholarship on map history.

You can:

  • organize your information within your own profile or in Bibliography pages in whatever manner you think most appropriate; look at other profiles and pages for ideas about how to present your work to the wider map history community;
  • write your profile in any language; and
  • “watch” specific profiles and pages to see when their authors add new information.

Full information about the Directory, its creators, its editorial policies, and its terms of use are available through the links at left.


Further Resources

Anyone interested in early maps should consider joining the International Society for the History of the Map (ISHM).

For current and comprehensive information about the initiatives, activities, events, resources, and other societies that make up the field of map history, see the Map History Gateway.

Search and Browse the Directory and Bibliography

Use the search box to find profiles by contributor name or by keyword. One search of this site will find pages in both Bibliography and Directory.

To browse all profiles in the Directory, or pages in the Bibliography, use the "Browse ..." links at left.

Contribute to the Directory and Bibliography

To add content to the Directory and to the Bibliography, you must first register as a contributor. To register, use “Create Account” in the top-right corner. Please make a note of your password!

If you have registered, simply "Log in" to the Directory (also top-right corner). You may then create and edit your own profile: use either "Your profile" at left or your username at top. You may also add content to the Bibliography, but before doing so, please consult "Help," at left, for very important information about how the Bibliography is structured.

Full information about using the site, adding content, and editing content, is available through "Help," at left.

Please do not forget to logout once you have finished
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If you know a researcher of early maps who is not yet a contributor to this Directory, please send this URL to the researcher.